Frequently Asked Questions
A. Custom Packaging
B. Environmental and Recycled Packaging
C. Printing
D. Delivery

A. Custom Packaging

Can I use own graphic and size?

What’s the MOQ
Usually 1,000 + and offers improved printing, including overall coverage, four color processes, etc.

Does film lamination add strength to shopping bags?
Yes, it has structural strength as well as weather proofing.

What is rub-off?
This can be caused by ink or fibers that “rub off” as a bag or bags rubs up against another surface. This can be reduced by adding varnish or lamination. Certain colors are more prone to rub off than others. The client should be aware of this and review other samples before the degree of any particular printing

What are beater tinted base papers?
During the paper making process, color pigment is added to the fiber in the “beater.” These results in a final paper that is 100% tinted throughout. The advantages are when paper is folded, it will not show white fibers coming through or cracking.

B. Environmental and Recycled Packaging

What is the difference between recycled post consumer and mill waste?
There are two types of recycled paper and different combinations of the two. Post-consumer paper or board is made from office waste or in the case of boxes, newspaper waste. and mill waste. Generally recycled paper is not as strong as virgin materials; however, new developments have produced 100% post consumer bag paper that is suitable for retail packaging. It is also possible to make mixtures of virgin and post consumer materials in order to enhance the strength factors for particular applications. Post-consumer packaging is made from recycled shopping bags and papers, while mill waste is new packaging created from left over materials at a paper mill.

Many clients develop signature colors in conjunction with embossing.

Are recycled papers more environmentally feasible than recycled plastic?
Paper remains the superior selection. Plastic does not recycle as well as paper. The primary reason it is much harder to collect the same forms of plastic materials. In addition it is difficult to maintain a pure white base color because of the contamination of the plastic collected. Unlike paper, there is no de-inking process. Generally, plastic loses more strength when recycled compared to paper.

What types of packaging materials are environmentally friendly?

C. Printing

What is the difference between flexographic and offset printing?

Although great strides have been made with flexographic printing, offset printing is still the preferred process for shopping bags. Flexo utilizes rubber plates which do not offer the same screen and fine line capabilities.

Flexo tends to be better for metallic and heavy ink coverage.

Can I receive a production proof? What’s the sample lead time?

Normally, oriental production automatically offers a production proof.
On major runs, we encourage clients to approve the proof for fine tuning color and other especially complicated productions. Usually, it will take 7~ 12 days to finish samples.

.What causes an over-run and under-run?
Normally, on any packaging production, there is either an under-run or over-run. This is caused by make ready time of the printing press and during the manufacturing process. Each job has an estimated amount of materials, and if the production goes particularly well, the result is an over-run. If it goes less well, it creates an under-run. Customers are only billed for what is actually produced. Normally, the smaller quantity produces greater the swing.

What is a color match?

Normally, specifying a Pantone Matching System (PMS) color, is the best way to indicate color. However, we can also take other color swatches and make commercial matches.

Because printing color is a function of many different factors, including base paper, pigments, light, press operator, etc. exact color matches are frequently difficult to guarantee. Normally, we provide draw downs which approximately match the client's color submission. For larger runs where color is an important consideration it is recommended the client be on press to oversee the run.

D. Delivery

What are normal delivery times for packaging?

Custom manufactured and printed packaging takes 4 – 5 weeks. All of the above are estimates and depend on the time of the year. All of the above are upon receipt of signed proof from the customer.